Dxyfer for Sales

To successfully achieve targets, sales teams require timely information on client interactions, market trends and industry performance metrics.

The Challenge

Envision it’s the last quarter of the Financial Year and the CEO is seeking an urgent update on the sales pipeline. Current sales have been weaker than forecasted and as the Sales Director, you need to quickly understand which deals are likely to close, compared to which require extra attention and intervention.

With shareholder pressure mounting, how do you secure the bonus for a successful year?

Current Solutions

Currently, you may be juggling between different CRM tools, spreadsheets, emails, reports and chat messaging for crucial information. This siloed approach results in missed opportunities and inefficiencies as information is scattered, in various formats and not easily shared or updated. This fragmentation requires manual analysis and creates a stressful search for data, resulting in overlooked opportunities and strained client relationships.

Our Solution

Dxyfer provides a unified platform for instant data analysis and visualization. Using Dxyfer’s, ‘AskData’ feature you simply ask, ‘Which deals have an 80% likelihood of closing this quarter?’

Instantly, you will receive a visual summary that allows you to drill down, analyze further and trace the source of information to access confidence and credibility. Importantly, you can compare sales of previous years to understand the marketing strategies deployed and their success rate, prior to collaborating with your team on the revised go to market strategy. Received last minute industry specific metrics? No problem - upload the new information and AskData will instantaneously integrate the new and existing information to provide revised insights and recommendations.

It’s like transforming chaos into clarity, ensuring no opportunities slip through the cracks.


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