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Strategic Dashboards

Curate and shared distinct AI powered dashboards within a few clicks. Acquire key insights to monitor and track performance, oversee operations and govern compliance requirements holistically.

It's customizable and interactive AI dashboards!

Siloed Insights

Reliance on multiple disconnected tools that are costly to maintain, creating fragmented insights and conflicting sources of truth.

Stale, Outdated Insights

Static dashboards fail to provide immediacy and relevance to real-time data, leading to inaccurate insights and delayed decisions.

Hard-coded, Fixed Visuals

Inflexible visuals that cannot be easily customized or adapted to reflect changing needs, hindering strategic decision-making.


Beyond Reporting: The New Era of Governance

Meet AutoDash, the ultimate AI powered tool for governance and monitoring.

It’s highly customizable and intuitive interface allows you to track and manage your most important metrics and KPIs effortlessly. With AI-generated personalized reports, interactive visuals, and easy drag-and-drop functionality, AutoDash revolutionizes your strategic planning capabilities.

Stay ahead with tailored alerts and proactive governance, ensuring you remain responsive to change.


Consolidate Strategic Insights, Effortlessly

  • Personalized Dashboards

  • KPI

  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Seamless Collaboration

AI-Generated Personalized Dashboards

Utilize Dxyfer's advanced AI to curate interactive and personalized dashboards, providing clear and adaptive visualizations that keep pace with your latest data for real-time monitoring and governance.

Real-Time KPI Monitoring

Track the progress of strategic decisions by establishing real-time dashboards aligned to KPIs and ROl objectives. Receive updates on the go through automated threshold notifications, enabling transformational oversight and realization of new insights.

Interactive, Configurable & Intuitive Dashboards

Design and configure multiple dashboards based on your purpose, focus and key stakeholders. AutoDash provides the simplicity to prioritize and present datasets in a manner that is easily digestible, and with the added flexibility to refine visualizations as requirements evolve.

Concise & Effective Storytelling

Data needs to be relatable, easy to understand and purposeful. Our Al powered AutoDash provides real-time data in an optimized manner that is easily digestible and faster for audiences to comprehend. Whether sharing trends, undertaking comparisons or showcasing achievement, AutoDash facilitates concise and effective storytelling.

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"In a dynamic landscape, governance and monitoring are key.
AutoDash is your North Star, keeping you alert and resilient"

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