Acquire Insights with Intelligent Document Conversations

Unlock the power of your documents with AI-driven contextual answers. Acquire valuable insights and detailed information with citations and references, transforming your document management experience.

It's instant knowledge and information access!

Time-consuming Searches

Current methods require significant time and effort to search through extensive volumes of documents, leading to inefficiency and frustration.

Overwhelming to Navigate

The volume, accessability and retrieval of documents makes navigation overwhelming, hindering quick access to critical information.

Incoherency of Information

Poor version control and lack of information currency result in unreliable content, leading to information misinterpretation and confusion.


Beyond Summaries: Knowledge Access with References!

Meet AskDocs, your ultimate knowledge and information access solution.

Harnessing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), AskDocs let's you converse with documents to acquire accurate summaries with detailed references across multiple languages. Overcome the frustrations of traditional systems with efficient searches, easy navigation and secure access to critical information.

Enhance your workflow with contextual querying and seamless collaboration. Transform your knowledge access with AskDocs!


Streamline Document Insights, Effortlessly

  • Contextual Insights

  • Precise Responses

  • Multi-lingual Analysis

  • Document Content Hub

Optimize Knowledge Retrieval with Contextual Querying

Harness the power of advanced AI and contextual querying to precisely retrieve information from documents. Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), AskDocs transforms the challenging task of sifting through endless files into a streamlined and efficient process to access knowledge.

Get Precise Answers with References Instantly

Promptly retrieve accurate responses to your queries, complete with citations and references, using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. Grasp essential information quickly and thoroughly, ensuring comprehensive understanding and efficient knowledge and information access.

Multi-lingual Document Interaction and Analysis

Interact and acquire an understanding of documents in 50+ languages with ease. AskDocs supports multi-lingual analysis, enabling you to extract insights and generate summaries from documents written in various languages, ensuring no information is lost or misinterpreted.

Connect Multiple Documents & File Types

AskDocs allows you to query, analyze, and summarize content across various document types and formats, including PDFs, MS Office Document Suite, Google Workplace Documents, web-links and more. Enhance efficiency and acquire comprehensive insights without the need to switch between files or systems.

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