Dxyfer for Engineers

Engineers access large complex manuals to troubleshoot issues, optimize processes and enhance asset performance.

The Challenge

Consider a scenario where three of your most critical production assets have suddenly malfunctioned, resulting in a halt of your production pipeline. Given the criticality, this issue has been escalated to you in your capacity as the Chief Engineer. To urgently address the issue, you require specific troubleshooting information from a various operational manuals and technical documents stored digitally across multiple locations.

With production completely stalled, how do you urgently and safely restore operations?

Current Solutions

Typically, engineers would sift through numerous manuals and documents, a process that is not only time-consuming but also risky in overlooking crucial information when under time pressure. Guidance from external experts can be sought, however, this approach can be inefficient, especially when a prompt resolution is vital to minimize equipment damage and downtime.
The issue is further exacerbated when the manuals are in a foreign language and require translation.

Our Solution

Using Dxyfer's ‘AskDocs’ feature, this crisis can be averted by simply asking, ‘What are the emergency protocols for [specific system error] pertaining to asset XYZ, with Model number 123?’

Instantly, Dxyfer conducts a comprehensive search across all relevant documents and provides precise answers, with references and language translation of your choice. Importantly, it will also identify any dependencies to enable systematic and prioritized troubleshooting.

It is akin to having unlimited access to a free, all-knowing Original Equipment Manufacturer at your disposal to provide instant technical support.


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