Dxyfer for Leaders

Leaders are required to make swift data-driven decisions, often in settings which are complex and time-sensitive.

The Challenge

Consider preparing for a critical board meeting with a high-profile investor attending. Noting the importance of securing investment, the Board Chairman has asked you to lead the formulation of three strategic options and recommendation of the best course of action. The data to inform your assessment is disorganized, outdated and scattered across multiple systems and personal drives.

With the deadline fast approaching, how do you succeed winning the investor?

Current Solutions

Conventional solutions involve manual data analysis, which are often slow and do not reflect real-time reporting. Despite having access to an analytics team, the process is time-consuming and prone to human error. Traditional solutions are also not easily scalable, making it difficult to handle large amounts of structured and unstructured data efficiently.

Our Solution

Dxyfer simplifies decision-making by offering instant, natural language-based querying and answers. With Dxyfer, you can connect various large data sources and leverage AI to automate the analysis to instantaneously identify patterns, trends and insights that cannot be easily determined manually.

Complementing AskData is AutoDash, an AI dashboard capability to enable storytelling and demonstration of achievement against KPIs. Whether it’s forecasting trends, assessing risks, collaborating with remote team members or aligning to investor objectives, you’ll acquire real-time, actionable insights that enable confident storytelling. Importantly, you can drill down on each option answering live questions at the board meeting.

It’s like having multiple domain experts or a personal encyclopedia, always ready and responsive with accurate information.


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